Bojan Glušica, zamenik koncert-majstora

Bojan Glušica, a violinist, was born in Novi Sad, where he graduated from Isidor Bajić Secondary Music School in the class of the renowned pedagogue Imre Jambor. After this, he graduated from the Academy of Arts, in the class of professor Irina Jašvili. He improved his skills by taking master courses with prominent educators of the world, such as Irina Jašvili and Ilija Grubert.
He nurtured his career as a concertmaster of the Novi Sad Chamber Orchestra and Vojvodina Symphony Orchestra, as well as performing with Camerata Novi Sad, a string orchestra, where he had the opportunity to work with renowned conductors and soloists from Serbia and abroad. He is a permanent member of the European Chamber Orchestra (Germany), and has been regularly employed in Serbian National Theatre Opera orchestra in Novi Sad. He played in a string quartet with Robert Lakatoš (violin), Jožef Bisak (viola) and Marko Miletić (violoncello).
He performed at numerous music festivals in Serbia and abroad (Germany, France, Austria). As a versatile violinist and a fan of various music genres, he played in RTV Large Folk Orchestra from 2004 to 2012, and he also works as a studio musician. He recorded music for director Emir Kusturica, he was a member of an orchestra of Khachatur Almazian, and the concertmaster of the Royal Chamber Orchestra of Brussels. In 2013, he participated in the recording of a CD album for Universal music GmbH Austria and Deutsche Grammaphon with the No Borders orchestra.

First Violin Section