Camerata Novi Sad

Camerata Novi Sad, ie. Camerata Academica Novi Sad up until recently, was founded in 1988. within the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. In the first stage of its activity, under the artistic leadership of violoncellist István Varga, it was considered to be one of the best orchestras in the region of ex-Yugoslavia. The orchestra regularly performed in all the major cities of the region, as well as at the festivals such as NOMUS (Novi Sad Music Festivities), BEMUS (Belgrade Music Festival), Ohrid Summer Festival, International Review of Composers, and Theatre City in Budva. They had successful guest appearances in Germany and the Netherlands, as well as a high number of archived radio and TV recordings. The orchestra performed successfully until the end of 1999 when, unfortunately, it ceased to exist due to the situation in the country.

At the end of 2007, yet another violoncellist, Marko Miletić, assembled the orchestra with the idea of continuing Varga’s tradition. Members of the orchestra are the best young musicians of the Academy of Arts – professors, assistants, assistant professors, and the most talented students. Performing the most challenging works of classical repertoire at their concerts, while always including the works of national composers as well, Camerata has had numerous successful concerts with renowned soloists and conductors such as Stefan Milenković, Roman Simović, Gerard Causse, Wendy Worner, Dragan Đorđević, Imre Kálmán, Boštjan Lipovšek, István Varga, Philip Greenberg, Laura Levai Aksin, Irena Josifoska, Andreas Ottensamer, and Darko Butorac all across the region (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Montenegro), as well as Nebojša Živković, Ksenija Janković, and many others.

Camerata Academica played an important role in the campaign of the city of Novi Sad for obtaining the title of the European Capital of Culture and is extremely active in promoting the city through various programs organized by the Foundation “Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture”. Through some of these programs, they ventured out from the classical music territory into highly interesting cooperation with rock singers such as Bajaga, Nele Karajlić, and Rambo Amadeus, as well as with sevdah music singer Božo Vreća.

Camerata Novi Sad regularly performs at the NEO Festival in Novi Sad while they have also performed at the following festivals: Oktoh in Kragujevac and Autumn Sonata in Banjaluka, NOMUS, SOMUS, Festival of Strung Players in Sremska Mitrovica, Maglič Fest in Kraljevo, Teatar City in Budva, Konvivium muzikum in Kragujevac, Ravanelijus in Ćuprija, Arlemm (Arilje Summer Music Festival) in Arilje, Raška spiritual ceremony in Raška and at Banja Luka Fest. During the last season, the ensemble performed at the opening ceremony of the first concert hall in the city of Novi sad, performed in Kotor, as well as at the Chamber Music Festival and Harp Festival in Novi Sad. They also began a highly interesting project – “Carmina Burana”, with violinist Stefan Milenković.

The ensemble’s activity is decorated with marvellous reviews on the tonal beauty and a unique tonal expression, which is why it is worth pointing out how Serbian composer and academic Isidora Žebeljan described Camerata: “Apart from grand musicality and enthusiasm, what makes this orchestra stand out and belong in a particular category of musical ensembles is the enormous love and devotion which the musicians dedicate to playing and the music itself, as well as the quality not often seen even in orchestras renowned across Europe”. As well, the leader of London Symphony Orchestra Roman Simović stated: “This is the most complete orchestra in Serbia.”

The artistic director of the orchestra is violoncellist Marko Miletić; the leader is violinist Robert Lakatoš.

Since last season, Camerata Novi Sad has been the city’s official chamber orchestra and has been performing under the auspices of the Cultural Center of Novi Sad.


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