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Marko Miletić

Marko Miletić was born in 1984 in Kraljevo. He completed his bachelor and master studies at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, in the class of professor Imre Kalman. Here, he immediately began working as an associate and is still employed as associate professor for violoncello.
He was granted the highest scholarship for the Artist Diploma in Performance program in 2011 at Columbus University (USA) in the class of professor Wendy Warner, one of the leading violoncellists of her generation. During his stay in the USA, he was noticed as a talented educator and hired as a violoncello and chamber music professor in the University Preparation Program. During his schooling, he had won several awards at festivals and competitions as a soloist and a member of chamber ensembles.
He perfected his skills in master courses with renowned soloists from across the world, among whom are Arto Noras (Finland), Ivan Kucer (Ukraine), Orfeo Mandozzi (Austria), Dmitry Levin (Berlin), Aleksandar Kobrin (Russia, USA), Mark Cope and Mark Kosover (USA), Fine Arts Quartet.
He performed as a soloist with orchestras: St. George String Quartet, Vojvodina Symphony Orchestra, Academy of Arts symphony orchestra in Novi Sad, Marche – Italian province symphony orchestra, Subotica Chamber Orchestra, Camerata Novi Sad orchestra. He performed with renowned artists such as Wendy Warner, Aleksandar Kobrin, Roman Simović, Robert Lakatoš, Mateja Marinković, Sergiu Schwartz, István Varga. He had recitals and performed with chamber ensembles across the country and abroad (Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Hungary, Belgium, the USA, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegotvina, Norway, China, Poland) and at numerous festivals.
He held master courses in Serbia, Italy and the USA.
He re-established Camerata Novi Sad chamber orchestra (Camerata Academica – 2007), where he now holds the position of violoncellist and art director. As a part of Camerata, he had numerous performances and cooperated with artists such as Stefan Mileknović, Gérard Caussé, Wendi Worner, István Varga, Roman Simović, Ksenija Janoković, Andreas Ottensamer, Nebojša Živković. Miletić is also the founder of Novi Sad Symphony Orchestra 2021 (prominent in the campaign for the title of European capital of culture of 2016). He aided in the re-founding of the Philharmonic Youth Orchestra. In 2017 he founded NEO Festival that attracts top-tier artists to Novi Sad during the summer months.
He is a member of a piano trio Valmaro along with violinist Robert Lakatoš and pianist Valentina Nanaševa as of 2013. Starting with 2015, he has been working intensely with pianist Mihajlo Zurković at concerts within the country and abroad. He founded violoncello ensemble CelloNS with his students and colleagues from Camerata, where he works as art director.
He was hired as a curator for classical music for the Foundation Novi Sad 2021 European Capital of Culture, and therefore he arranges a significant portion of the musical scene in Novi Sad.
He made numerous recordings for radio and television, as well as CD releases of chamber and symphony music.