Camerata ft Ksenija

Ivica Marušević

He was born in 1970 in Novi Sad into a family of musicians. He studied at the Academy of Music in Zagreb (professor J. Novosel) and the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad (professor K. Ivanović, N. Ignjatović), where he received his master degree. He perfected his skills by studying with Rinat Ibragimov and Jean-Marc Rollez.
Ever since his studies, he has been actively participating in the work of Camerata Academic chamber orchestra, Mediterranean Youth Orchestra, by performing in: De Ysbreeker, Concertgebuow, De Doelen, Mizikverein, and others.
As a member of numerous ensembles and chamber compositions he has worked with renowned domestic and foreign artists and made noticeable performances at numerous major festivals in the country and abroad: NOMUS, BEMUS, KotorArt, J.Miro FF Nits de musica, FESTIVAL MUSIQUE ACTUELLE Victoriaville…
He created numerous tone recordings, some of which were included in CD publications. He was a member of Belgrade Philharmonic, NBO, and he had spent over ten seasons as a solo double bass in SNT orchestra. He held the position of double bass from the establishment of Vojvodina Symphony Orchestra until 2022, and a group of double bass players in the orchestra originated from his class. He began his educational work at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad in 1998, where he is now employed as a professor.

Double bass