Ana Klem

Ana Klem Aksentijević

Ana Klem Aksentijević was born in 1975. She completed her primary and secondary studies at Isidor Bajić Music School in Novi Sad, in the class of professor Imre Jambor. She enrolled in the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad in 1993, in the class of professor Dejan Mihailović, and she graduated in 1997 in the class of professor Irina Jašvili.
She won numerous awards in national competitions and attended many master courses during her education.
In 1997, she enrolled in magistrate studies in the class of professor Jašvili and worked as a teaching associate at AUNS. She left for Brisbane, Australia in 1999, where she successfully passed the audition for two renowned orchestras (Queensland Philharmonic and Queensland Youth Symphony) and worked as a volunteer teacher in four schools in order to familiarize herself with violin teaching methods in Australia. Upon the recommendation of professor László Horváth, she enrolled in magistrate viola studies in February of 2001, and graduated in his class in 2005. She performed as a soloist and a member of numerous orchestras and chamber ensembles in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Greece, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, France, and Austria.
She actively participates in many chamber and symphony ensembles. She is currently a solo violinist of Camerata Novi Sad chamber orchestra, Vojvodina Symphony Orchestra and Zrenjanin Chamber Orchestra. She is also a member of newly founded Vojvodina Chamber Orchestra and Transborder Hungarian Musicians Symphony Orchestra (Hataron tuli magyar zeneszek szimfonikus zenekara). She is employed at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad as an independent expert associate for viola and violin.