Mina Mladenovic

Mina Mladenović

Mina Mladenović, a violinist, graduated from Kosta Manojlović Secondary Music School in the class of Jelena Vukajlović, and completed her bachelor and master studies at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad in the class of professor Evgenija Kravcev. She specialized in Chamber music at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade in 2016 in the class of professor Ladislav Mezei. She was a part-time member of Novi Sad Chamber Orchestra, Vojvodina Symphony Orchestra, Florilegio Festival orchestra (Salamanka, Spain), Belgrade Philharmonic, and Kotor Art Festival orchestra. She won several awards during her studies. She perfected her skills in courses taught by professor Jasna Maksimović, Maja Jokanović, Dejan Bogdanović, Sebastian Gürtler and Firmian Lermer.
She worked with many modern composers by performing their chamber music, such as Alexandra Vrebalov, Michael Rose Edward Ficklin, Rajko Maksimović, Dejan Despić, D. Sonenberg, Wolfgang Heininger, Ivan Brkljačić, Ian Wilson, and Milan Aleksić.She performed at numerous festivals: NOMUS, A Fest, Florilegio Festival (Spain), KotorArt, KOMA, FESTUM, FRONT, Chamber Music Festival in Novi Sad, Tešnjar Evenings, Belgrade Jazz Festival, Moers Festival (Germany). As a soloist, she performed with the Academy of Art orchestra and Camerata Novi Sad orchestra.
She founded a duo along with a violinist Angelina Novaković in 2008, which actively performed until 2016. She occasionally cooperates with the Muzikon chamber orchestra from Belgrade. She is a member of the Zrenjanin Chamber Orchestra and Camerata Novi Sad. In 2019, she recorded an album – Refleksija, published by Metropolis, with pieces by Ian Wilson and Dejan Despić. The album was promoted in Serbia, and in September of 2019, the trio held a concert tour in Ireland. She is engaged in education in Stanislav Binički Music School in Belgrade.

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