Teodor Ikanović

He was born in Moscow (Russia) on June 14th, 1997 to a family of musicians. He started learning the violin as his main instrument at age six in Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in the class of professor Biljana Radulović. Following numerous performances in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad, he was invited by many professors to continue his schooling in Serbia. In 2007, his entire family moved to Novi Sad in order for Teodor to continue his musical education at Isidor Bajić Secondary Music School in the class of professor Čaba Zima. He won several awards, the most prominent of which are: 1st place in Jaroslav Kocian competition in Czech Republic, first awards in national competitions in Serbia and 2nd place in Andrea Postacchini competition in Italy. He graduated from his bachelor and master studies in the class of professor Robert Lakatoš. He enrolled in master studies in Chengdu (China) in 2019, in the class of professor Tymur Melnyk. Due to the epidemiological situation, his studies in China are ongoing. Teodor Ikanović shows great interest for both solo performance and orchestral and chamber music. He actively performs in the country and abroad as a soloist, namely in Robert Lakatoš Chamber String Ensemble, Voko Chamber Orchestra, and Zrenjanin Chamber Orchestra. He was a member of the following orchestras since 2017:
Vojvodina Symphony Orchestra (Novi Sad), Euregio Festival Orchestra (Germany), Animato Foundation Orchestra (Austria), KotorArt Festival Orchestra (Montenegro), Benso Orchestra (Italy), Voko Chamber Orchestra (Novi Sad), IPOC (China/Serbia), Triorca (Great Britain), Camerata Novi Sad, Zrenjanin Philharmonic, Zrenjanin Chamber Orchestra, Subotica Symphony Orchestra. On several occasions, he performed as the concertmaster for Novi Sad Academy of Arts Symphony Orchestra and KotorArt Festival Orchestra (Montenegro). Apart from orchestral and solo music, love and interest in chamber music have always existed in Teodor Ikanović, but these emotions culminated in 2017 when he founded Les Nonours trio with his colleagues Srđan Paunović (saxophone) and Kosta Knežević (piano). Apart from notable performances in the region (given generous reviews by the critics and the audience), the ensemble is recognized by their performance of modern music as well as the popularization of chamber saxophone music (transcriptions of pieces of classical compositions that have been adapted for this non-standard chamber ensemble are linked to their name).

Second Violin Section